Broad Chisel Tip

The uni POSCA Broad Paint Marker contains water-based pigment ink which is lightfast, water resistant, will write on almost any surface. The uni POSCA is also permanent and bleed-proof on paper and card (as it absorbs into the fibres), and can be made permanent on the following:

  • Terracotta – by baking at 220°C for 45 minutes, then spraying with clear varnish
  • Porcelain – by baking at 160°C for 45 minutes, then spraying with clear varnish
  • Glass – by baking in the oven at 160°C for 45 minutes then spraying with clear varnish
  • Textiles – by ironing on reverse
  • Metal, plastic and wood – by spraying with clear varnish

This multi-use broad paint marker is available in a number of vibrant, opaque colours which cover each other well.

Excellent for illustration, posters, sign writing or any of your other artistic needs.

These pens have an 8mm Chisel Tip

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