Crafty Crew with Early Bird Session

Fridays from 3pm - 6pm  


What happens in the early bird session?

Drop off your child anytime after 3pm and they will have the opportunity to start the day’s activities early, work on their technique folder or have some chill time before the class starts at 4pm.

What are technique folders?

Each week the children will build up their folder with techniques, experiments and additional artwork of their choice. Over the year the folder will grow and show each child how their skills are growing and show the new things they have tried. At the end of the school year children will take their folders home.

What age groups do you take?

We are now taking children from the age of 5 upwards. The crafts are aimed at children aged 5-12, but if your child is older than this but is into art and crafts, we are happy to see them!

Why are some of the photos from Goggle?

Some of the pictures are from Google and act only as examples of what the children could be bringing home, as we encourage each child to create their own unique version of the crafts or create something totally different!

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