At Pastels 2 Paint we believe the parties should be as individual as you

We know there are lots of children whose passion is in arts & crafts, and that they would also like to share this time with their friends.


With this in mind we offer a bespoke service for everyone to fit your expectations and your budget. This means that the session’s activities are always your favourite ones and the crafts are achievable for the whole group. 

We offer a menu of children’s crafts where you can pick and choose what crafts you would like to experience in the party session or plan a bespoke session just for you. This puts you in charge of your budget and time you would like to spend at Pastels 2 Paint.

You can see if your date is free, by checking over here on the calendar.

If you would like to book your party time, you can via this page and pay for the crafts at a later date once details are confirmed. 

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